Clean Room Wipes


Clean Room Wipes, Paper and Related Products  

Through our representation of Lym-Tech® Scientific, the world's third largest manufacturer of clean room wipes and supplies, we provide advanced technical products used in microelectronics and close tolerance manufacturing and support activities.  These materials are engineered to world class standards for particle levels, extractables and absorbency.

The class of purity required, as well as the intended use, governs selection of the wipe style.  100% Cotton wipes are available, but not recommended for most critical applications.  For use in Class 100 environments, Lym-Tech offers a complete assortment of nonwoven fabrics ( "C - Wipes" ) providing high performance levels and economy.  For Class 10 environments and higher, cleanroom laundered "Purity Wipes", manufactured from 100% continuous filament polyester, are the product of choice .  Edges of most "Purity Wipes" can be sealed - providing the lowest possible particle levels.  Lym-Tech offers many standard sizes and will custom cut and package most products.  We have cleanroom-ready samples and extensive technical information to help you select the best product for your particular environment. 

In addition to wipes, Lym-Tech also produces clean room copy paper,  computer paper and notebooks, tacky mats,  an expanding line of pre-saturated wipes... even clean room pens with low sodium-content ink!  These sophisticated materials  represent the fastest growing segment of our business and clean room-compatible products are used in many general manufacturing environments to enhance productivity. 

Listed are general descriptions and basic technical attributes for the most popular clean room products.  For specific sizes, case counts or cross reference with products from other manufacturers, don't hesitate to call us. 


TJ Wipes

 Made from 100% Cotton  Jean Cloth,  this fabric is not to be confused with Denim.  100% Cotton twill fabric woven on the bias to reduce particle levels when cut to size.  These wipes are used in nuclear energy plants and some aerospace applications.   


C- Wipes

 The most economical grade of clean room wipe.  Substrate is  hydroentangled fabric - generally cellulose and polyester.  Wipes are highly absorbent, fairly inexpensive and low in particles.  Many styles are Electrostatic Disapative (ESD) and some are Class 10 compatible.  


Purity Wipes

Lym-Tech's most popular wipes for advanced levels of purity.  An assortment of fabric weights and sizes are available.  Purity Wipes are Class 10 compatible when clean room laundered.  For increased levels of purity, edges of the wipes are sealed.   



 Lym-Tech offers a full line of clean room paper products.  Specially processed to minimize particle generation, Lym-Write is available in  copy paper, computer paper, clean room notebooks and pads.  A variety of basis weights and sizes are available.  Lym-Write copy paper comes in an assortment of colors.  



Lym-Tech's line of presaturated wipes continues to expand.  Several concentrations of Isopropyl Alcohol, styles of substrate  and packagings are available.  Individual packets, resealable pouches and canisters are featured.  

"Extreme Clean"

 This condensed product line consists of  Class 100 and Class 10 Plus compatible wipes.  It features products offering high levels of purity and low particle generation.  Most Extreme Clean wipes are clean room laundered and feature laser-sealed edges.


SMT Rolls 

 Lym-Tech fabricates replacement cleaning rolls for automatic stencil machines.     Rolls for virtually any make and model can be "cloned" using a variety of excellent nonwoven fabrics. 


Microfiber Wipes

Narrow gauge yarns are compactly knitted to produce an exceptionally soft fabric.  Yarns are typically synthetic and the fabric is durable, absorbent and lint-free.  Wipes made from Microfiber can be used on surfaces such as glass, acrylic or polycarbonate that might be scratched or etched by other fabrics.



(Picture)  Manufactured from polyester and nylon yarns.  18 X 19 cm. (approximately 7.25 inches square) and fully sewn on all sides.  Excellent for optical and cellular telephone lenses.  These wipes are not disposable and may be reused countless times.  With minimal care, they retain their technical attributes indefinitely.