Linen and Soft Goods


Linen Supplies, Soft Goods and Automotive Aftermarket Products


We offer a wide assortment of textile products for hospitality, industrial, commercial and automotive applications.  Domestic textile manufacturing has declined dramatically in recent years .  The remaining mills focus their manufacturing efforts primarily on retail products, consequently, a number of our soft goods are imported.  We maintain exceptionally high quality standards for all  imported and domestic towels and soft goods.  Cost is never the determining factor when we evaluate a prospective manufacturer or supplier. 


Terry Cloth products are popular in the automotive aftermarket and we supply other frequently requested items as well.  Additional products are available from stock or special order. Toweling and textile products are First Quality and 100% Cotton unless otherwise noted.  We are pleased to be able to offer "1886 Mills" new line of linens and toweling!  Please inquire for details about this outstanding line of domestic soft goods.



(Picture)  12 X 12 inch White Wash Cloth; Import; Minimum weight 1.0 pounds / dozen  



(Picture)  12 X 14 inch White Huck Towel; Domestic; "Marathon" / "Lobby"  Towel  



(Picture)   15 X 26 inch Herringbone Dish Towel; White w/ Blue Center Stripe; Import; 24 oz/ dozen  



(Picture) 15 X 30 inch White Huck Towel; Import;  Minimum weight 24 oz/ dozen  



(Picture)    17 X 20 inch White Ribbed Terry Bar Mop; Import; Minimum weight 24 oz/ dozen  



(Picture) 17 X 20 inch White Bar Mop with Blue Center Stripe; Import;  Minimum weight 30 oz/dozen  



(Picture) 16 X 27 inch White Hand / Salon Towel; Import; Minimum weight 2.75 pounds/ dozen.  Ideal as a make-ready/car  wash or salon towel.  



(Picture) 16 X 27 inch Beige (Wheat) Dundee/Springs Hand Towel; Domestic; Minimum weight 3.0 pounds/ dozen; Cotton/ Polyester Blend  



(Picture) 18 X 30 inch Martex Domestic Hand Towel; 4.0 pounds/ dozen . Hunter Green, Smoke, Navy and Garnet; Cotton/ Polyester Blends       



(Picture) 20 X 40 inch White Bath Towel; Import; Minimum weight 5.0  pounds/dozen.  This is the smallest size bath towel available.  



(Picture) 22 X 44 inch White Bath Towel; Import; Minimum Weight 6.0 pounds/ dozen.  An ideal size bath towel for athletic departments.  



(Picture) 24 X 48 inch White Bath Towel; Import; Minimum weight 8.0  pounds/ dozen.  Ideal as a "Club" Bath Towel and for pet grooming.    



(Picture) 18 X 18 inch Osnaburg Shop Towel; Import; Unbleached ;  Unlaundered  



(Picture) Washed and Bleached Shop Towel; Domestic; 18 X 18 inches before laundering.  Soft, absorbent and low lint factor.



(Picture) Blue Surgical/ Absorbent Towel Irregulars; Import; 16 X 24 inches ; extremely low linting; Ideal for use on Glass, Stainless or other polished metal surfaces and for hospitality/ housekeeping  uses.  



(Picture) As above but Jade Green;  Fully finished;  



(Picture) Hemmed Terry Cloth Remnants; Domestic; 100% Cotton and Cotton/Synthetic Blends; approximately 16 X 25 inches; all sides finished for continuous relaundering.  Excellent for detailing/make ready.  Assorted Colors.  



(Picture) Tubular Knit Polishing Cloth; 5 Pound Net Weight Rolls; Domestic; Blends; Unbleached; Sometimes called automotive  " Cheesecloth" .  



(Picture) Polish Pads; Approx. 15 X 20 inches; Domestic; Washed and                        Bleached; 100% Cotton Cheesecloth and Gauze in 4-6 ply fully sewn pads;  Ideal as Diaper replacement;   Exclusively our product!  



(Picture)  Tack Cloth; 20/12 Cheesecloth substrate; Non-petroleum tackifier; 18 X 36 inches 1/4 folded; 100 bulk pieces per bag; Removes dust and particles from surfaces to be painted or finished;  Domestic  



(Picture) Tack Cloth; 20/12 Cheesecloth substrate as above; 36 inches folded four plys; 150 continuous yards per roll; 1 Roll per Case;  Domestic.