Aerospace Products


Dallas Wiping Materials supports the following specifications and industry part numbers with qualified product:  

Boeing Material Specification 15-5F Bell Helicopter/Textron Material Bulletin 1754-A  
Douglas Material Specification 1820 L-3/Raytheon Part No. CM000177-001
Lockheed Martin Specification P5396-1  L-3/Raytheon Part No. CM000178-001  
Lockheed Martin Specification B6272-1    L-3/Raytheon Part No. 2012  
Aerospace Material Specification 3819 A & B 

100% Cotton Textile Products



 All standard constructions in a wide assortment of put-ups. These products are qualified to Aerospace Material Specification 3819 A & B,  Class 1, Grade A as well as many industry-specific specifications including: Lockheed Martin P5396-1(A),  Douglas Material Specification 1820, Boeing Material Specification 15-5F, L-3/ Raytheon Part No. 2012;
Available Put-Ups include "Jiffy Rolls" ( precut dispenser rolls) , Idealfold   Boxes and Continuous Rolls on Cores.  Available constructions include 20/12, 24/20, 28/24, 32/28 and 44/36.   


   "Purified" wiping and polishing cloths manufactured by DeRoyal Textiles. Designed for maximum absorbency and lint-free  Available in Precut, dispensing rolls of 100 pieces or continuous rolls.  Specifically processed to insure low extractables.  
Qualified to Lockheed Martin P5396-1(B), Douglas Material Specification 1820, Boeing Material Specification 15-5F and  Aerospace Material Specification 3819 A & B, Class 1,Grade B.  



 "Purifed" wiping and polishing cloth manufactured by American Fiber & Finishing.  Identical applications, constructions and put-ups as the above.  Qualified to all industry specifications indicated above as well.   


Washed and Bleached Knitted Mill Remnants 

 An ideal supplement or substitute for the above items where specification product is not mandated but usage requires high end material.  100% Cotton unbleached knit fabrics are specially laundered and bleached to assure absorbency and low extractables.   

Nonwoven Fabrics for Aerospace and Critical Application


We furnish an assortment of nonwoven wipes specifically engineered for use on critical surfaces. 

Spunlace Fabrics

 Delivering lint-free, starch and silicone-free performance with extremely low extractables.  Polyester/Cellulose hydroentangled fabrics are available in both white and blue; smooth and creped finish.  These wipes feature superior absorbency, nonabrasive texture, and most are ESD.  
They are qualified to various industry specifications  including Douglas Material Specification 1820, Bell Helicopter/ Textron Material Bulletin 1754-A, Lockheed Martin B-6271-1 and Aerospace Material Specification 3819 A & B,Class 2, Grade A.  

Other Requisite Products


Tack Cloth

 Both woven and nonwoven Tack Cloth is available.  Woven substrate is 100% Cotton cheesecloth.  Nonwoven substrate is 100% polyester knitted fabric -laser cut to assure the lowest possible particle levels.  Available precut and on continuous rolls.  Ideal for all finishing and painting applications.  

Mil-Spec Wipes

 100 % Polyester Wipes qualified to MIL 85043  

100% Cotton Inspectors Gloves


Bleached Cheesecloth Remnants

qualified to  NSN 8305-00-141-2503  


100% Polyester 4 ounce BleederCloth

Hobbs Bonded Fibers PNP Poly 4.40 K